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    Bhanderi & Co is an independent firm
    of Chartered Certified Accountants
    and Business Advisers.


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    Welcome Bhanderi & Co

    Bhanderi & Co is an independent firm of Chartered Certified Accountants and Business Advisers.

    Our philosophy is to develop and cater for our clients' needs whenever required, and to reduce the burden of critical non core functions, providing the client valuable time and freedom to focus on enhancing business performance to increase profits. We not only offer professional expertise, but a tailored dialogue in which opportunities, risks and solutions are identified early on, for the client's benefit.

    Why choose Us

    Choosing someone to manage your accounts and tax fulfilment obligations can be difficult. It's important to find both an expert and also someone you can trust. I would like to believe that at Bhanderi & Co I can offer you both.

    What Our Clients say?

    • "We are extremely pleased with both the reliability and the quality of the work from Bhanderi & Co. Communication is effortless and professional." Jon & Barbara (Spendless)

    • "Bhanderi & Co have supported our organisation, their advice and personal assistance has helped our organisation grow. " Steve Lalande, CEO (LUNGOS)

    • "Ashwin is always on the end of the line: immediate, courteous, helpful advice. I have no hesitation in recommending Bhanderi & Co to any size business. " Jon (Bling Bling)

    • "I have been very pleased with Bhanderi & Co's advice and services providing timely information in all areas of my business. " Jon (Zazz)

    • "Ashwin is always ahead of the game – no work is left till the last minute and the forward planning allows me to get the best from the business. With the Bhanderi & Co team there is clarity and the team is up to speed and can ably assist on any queries I may have. " Selvam (Throwbathy Store)

    • "Well organised, always accessible, always forthcoming with advise, always looking after my interest and making sure I can solely concentrate on the business aspects of things, through professionalism minus the ego and attitude' What more can I want from my auditor." Krishna (Winma Trading (Pty) Ltd)
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